The 2009 AP Biology Exam

May 12, 2009  Tagged ,

It’s still a wonder that this exam was over just yesterday (May 11). But before my brain decides that it doesn’t need such memories and starts “erasing,” I decided to write my reflection now (omg no procrastinating?). I guess I still have that pre-AP Biology study paranoia going on since I somehow managed to study […]


May 8, 2009  Tagged , ,

3 days till the AP Biology Test and what am I doing here sitting and pleasantly writing a blog post? Cause I wanted to preserve this pre-AP Test paranoia within my blog. (That’s sure sounds like Eungi) The first ever AP Test that I will have taken will be over in 3 days. The chaos, […]

Schedules are not your doom.

April 30, 2009  Tagged , ,

I should have talked about this before. I know. But procrastination just seems to drag me down with its black arms of doom to nowhere. Many people ask me: “What do you think I should take next year?” “Would this be a good class to take?” “I heard the teacher sucks though” Choosing classes is […]


April 17, 2009  Tagged ,

Have you ever wondered how far a single ‘hello’ could get? (Yes, I think about the most random-est things) Everyday, you probably say ‘hello’ to the people you see (most likely your friends). They would then wave back and greet you with a smile too. But imagine, the devastating event that would occur if you…DID […]


Inspired by opening of Eden of the East (as mentioned in the previous blog post), I decided to write about the style of ‘typography.’ Typography is the art and techniques of arranging type, type design, and modifying type glyphs. Type glyphs are created and modified using a variety of illustration techniques. The arrangement of type […]

Piling Thoughts on Homework

Students usually complain about the austere amount of homework that they receive each day. Normally, sleeping at 12:00 AM is considered EARLY and for me, my usual sleep time on average is at 2:00 AM. Teachers are split based on their opinions: some believe that students are indeed pressured to the extreme and others simply […]

Time vs Procrastination

Everyday it seems as if time’s just chasing after me. This is what the usual people over the age of about 40 would say, but even to teenagers, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time. Is it because everyday in school is different and students have a set limit to their years? But why […]

Burning Out

March 11, 2009  Tagged ,

Ever feel the need to just do absolutely nothing? Do you just zone out whenever somebody talks about academics? Can’t make yourself concentrate on anything else except the mysterious substances stored beneath your fingernails? Sometimes, I think to myself, “why am I doing this?” If you also ask these ambiguous questions that question your existence, […]

25 Facts About Me

March 5, 2009  Tagged ,

Born between the end of winter and the beginning of spring I don’t really know what to do with my life yet OTAKU a girl who enjoys watching anime and reading manga Proven to be the blood type O in a family of B ♥ pastel colors and black & white I feel bad when […]