After dwelling further into the art of photography, I decided that I should plunge my hands into photoshop.
Photos with unique light/color always caught my attention while surfing through Deviantart and I have always wondered how people got such pretty tones.

Though more practice is inevitable, I decided to photoshop some pictures of cookies I took a long time ago but never posted up.

I have finished my Christmas projects and will be posting pictures as soon as I touch them up. :)

Before & After
(my eyes…oh the brightness…)


I have never wanted something so badly since my tablet.
A marimo is barely a speck of competition.

But recently, the DSLRs have captured my heart once again.

At first, I knew it was impossible to ask my parents for so much money.
Thousands of dollars for a camera? Even on top of the fact that cell phones and mp3s cost simply what, 1/20th of the money?

No. Way.

It’s not like I’m going to become a famous photographer one day.
It’s not like I’m going to carry around a block of money around my neck all the time.
It’s not like I’m going to take that many photos.

But even though with all these realistic thoughts in mind, I just couldn’t help but research a bit more about DSLRs.
And the more I researched, the harder I fell for them.

Okay, I’ll confess.
The camera I have is really…primitive.

A Canon PowerShot A4000 which I bought…6 years ago or even more with my own money.
I’m proud of the little thing and have relied upon its 3.2 megapixel lenses for my little artworks.

But it’s simply impossible, IMPOSSIBLE to resist the 15.0+ megapixel equipments which produce the most beautiful, clear, absolutely gorgeous photos which my out-of-league friend simply cannot follow (nor my wallet).

All I can do is to look over the reviews again and again. My mind is filled up with how much money I have to say, the deals I could make with my parents, and the sacrifices that I’m willing to make. It’s really mind-blowing.
(Really, I’m willing to sacrifice all my future “fun” trips – excluding senior trips perhaps -, my christmas/birthday presents till and through college if desperate, and more.)

Realistically speaking, I’ll just have to starve myself from all food/enjoyment till I can gather enough money.

Canon is and will forever be my favorite and the ones that I have set my eyes&heart on are Canon EOS Rebel T1i (aka D500), Canon EOS D40/50, Canon EOS D7 (probably impossible though).

Really, these little devils can make anyone fall head over heels in love with photography. :)

more “profitable” procrastinations (x-mas ver.)

Once again, I just happened to miraculously stumble upon some adorable christmas origami and just HAD to tackle on one of these projects.

Hopefully I’ll manage to finish them before Christmas while predicting my mom’s “bursting through the door without knocking” moments.

Kusudama (薬玉) is what they call, a Japanese medicine ball.
(Yes, once again with the Japanese craft obsession)

Kusuri (薬) means medicine and tama (玉) means ball.
It was supposedly used for incense and potpourri but are used as decorations or gifts in the present time.

These little balls are made out of numerous origami segments sewn or glued together to form one unit. The kusudama I’m trying to make needs 60 petals = 12 flowers which basically means I’ll be occupied for several days.

Now the second project I’m taking on once I get some christmas wrapping paper is:

A Christmas wreath.

But unfortunately, I doubt mine’s going to be as half as good as the tutorial lol.

So that was my two procrastination projects for Christmas.
Tutorial links are linked to the images if anyone else wants to try :).

not dead…yet.

:) Ms. P I’m my blog is still alive BTW.

So a blog about…blogging.

Truth be told: my blog isn’t all that famous or read much. It’s all simply accumulation of viewers who innocently happen to search something on Google about a broad topic which I have tagged.

Every time I see a NEW COMMENT sign pop out on the few, diminishing days I log on to edublog, it always cheers me up.
The reason being that I know that there’s someone else who appreciates my daily/random blabbers and who is so generous enough to actually donate their time into tackling the bunch of phrases I blurt (type) out.

At first, blogging seemed such a mundane task – a time-consuming, “going to give up in the end” type of assignment that English teachers adore. On my Google Reader (which I have not touched and has accumulated to 300 new posts), I rarely see other people actually blogging.

But look at me. My blog isn’t dead, yet.
(surprisingly enough)

To me, blogging is my method of untangling the string of blabbers all wrapped up from today.
Blogging really helps especially on days in which I simply have to explode at somebody and pour my emotions/thoughts into a place.

Because they are my random spurts of the day, most of my posts have literally no connection with one another.
But I like it that way, and I’m going to stick to that way.

Here I go again on my outrageously long blabber post.

P.S.: What ever happened to the underline button? :'(

offering a hand and getting a slap in return

motto: life’s a roller coaster. sometimes you have your ups and sometimes you have your downs.
And today I guess I was going way too high and managed to plummet down with a harder smack than I have ever felt for a while.

I have a tendency to always compare the goods and the bads.
We’re always sitting on the fence–sometimes with our feet dangling to one side or another.
Though we might be facing in one direction completely, there’s always a way to look behind and realize that there’s a whole another world on the other side.

There’s no right answer either.
Like in a basketball game, I don’t pause to think: “If I shoot a basketball here, then would it make it? Or would it be a wiser choice to pass to somebody else? Maybe I should just dribble in closer.”
You just can’t. It’s a spur of the moment.
And it’s just amazing how that single choice, that single moment can have such detrimental impact on my life.

I might be talking all abstract and such, but I just thought I needed to release these feelings out. So  bear with me.

Self-happiness books and overall advices tend to lean towards, “help others and you’ll feel good too.”
(which reminds me of the feel-good, do-good phenomenon from AP psych lol)
But today I realized that in the real world, 90% of the time you’ll just get slapped in return.
When life gives you lemons, you might not be able to make a lemonade if the lemon is carved empty.

For the past several days, I could feel something bad was coming. But I chose to ignore it.
After the attitude change with my last post, everything was going wonderful.
Living in an optimistic POV was amazing and a great lesson learnt.

I’m not saying that now I realized how bs everything in those books are.
Nor am I resorting to my realistic/pessimistic mood and blaming the world for turning against me.
I hate to wallow in pity and whine.
I hate to act the damsel-in-distress role.
So I will stop.

I’ll probably return to optimism and this depression would go away. Probably.
(due to my serious problem of short-term memory)
But there’s just some days. Just some times when optimism doesn’t work out and I have no control over what happens.

So my brain still aches and my eyes are still red. My heart felt a blow but not one strong enough to make a permanent damage.
But I also know that if I have a fall as great as this, then there will be a rise even greater.
And I put my faith upon that belief and real hope.

Maybe someone was trying to warn me of something. Maybe today just wasn’t a right day. Maybe there’s something greater in plan for the future. Maybe this is a chance for something.
I guess I simply reached to high, to unrealistically and I got a slap of reality in return. To teach me a lesson to get back to my place.
If 90% of reality is bad, then I would like to stick with the remaining 10%.

Tomorrow’s going to come again as if nothing happened.
My body would be used to it and my mind will slowly heal.
But I just wanted to record this spur of thoughts and just jumbled up ideas.

Life’s unfair and it’s one hell of a roller coaster ride.
But with everything there’s a lesson learned.
And with every situation there is a choice: to accept it, learn it, and move on with it or to be overcome by it and never take a step forward.
It’s only when we stop our whining mouths and open our eyes to see new opportunities, new ups, and new experiences  heading our way.

It’s hard to contain our biased thoughts and words running on the moment’s passion.
So we should pay attention to little details of our life. Little choices that we make. Little words we may spill.

Now I’m going to go and warp this day into a lemonade, no matter how hard it may be our unpalatable the product may turn out.

my current obsession♥

Marimo (毬藻) aka Cladophora ball or Moss Ball

“A marimo is a rare growth form of the species where algae grows into large green balls with a velvety appearance. Colonies of such balls are known only to form in Iceland, Japan and Estonia” – Wikipedia

Marimo are said to bring blessings and grants wishes to people.

Legend in Japan tells of how the daughter of a chief fell in love with a commoner but when the elders rejected of their relationship, the two gave up their honor and fortunes to be together by drowning in a river. It is said that the marimo is the shape of their happiness and the proof of their everlasting love.

Hopefully, when I go on to Hokkaido this winter break, I will be able to visit Lake Akan where these close to extinct marimos live :).

Dear Friends

Last week was just horrible.
I would complain about my stupidity.
I would stress over how to raise my grades.
I would thrash out at people as a result.

But over the weekend, I had what some may call an attitude change.
This is usual for me especially because I have a tendency to notice what I had done wrong.
Only if I can keep up with my words though.

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Amineko 01Amineko 03Amineko 02Amineko 04

Finally finished.

Amineko #1 has been completed after couple of excruciating days.
(sweat and red fingers included)

One of a kind in the entire world.

One of my life’s goal has been complete w00t.
(Though the scarf’s completely ruined lol)

Now if I can only get my hands on a Canon EOS…

P.S. このあみ猫わもうアメリカにいる私のお姉さんに遅れてしまったんですけど、やっぱり時間があれば、私のためにもう一人のあみねこを作りたいです。ヽ(・ε・`~

CDs i never got to post up

Recently bought CDs that I never got to post up.


(from left-up to right-down)

브로콜리 너마저 1집// 보편적인 노래

  1. 이웃에 방해가 되지 않는 선에서
  2. 봄이오면
  3. 두근두근
  4. 속좁은 여학생
  5. 2009년의 우리들
  6. 안녕
  7. 편지
  8. 앵콜요청금지
  9. 보편적인노래
  10. 유자차

livetune feat. Hatsune Miku// Re:package

  1. Anthem
  2. Packaged
  3. over16bit!
  4. シューチング☆スター
  5. 虹色
  6. Light Song
  7. リラホルン
  8. 日々の夢想い
  9. ファインダー
  10. ドキドキハートチューン
  11. ストロボナイツ
  12. Last Night, Good Night
  13. Packaged -piano ver.-
  14. our music

livetune feat. Hatsune Miku// Re:mikus

  1. ファインダー(kz’s DSLR remix)
  2. Packaged(kisk baker’s yogamix)
  3. Light Song(Hiroyuki ODA remix)
  4. 椛(The Standard Club PIANO DANCE REMIX)
  5. 虹色(Version by ryo from supercell)
  6. ファインダー(imoutoid’s “Finder Is Not Desktop Experience Remix”)
  7. Last Night, Good Night(みくすびとremix feat.らっぷびと)
  8. リラホルン(kz’s Drillhole In My Brain remix)
  9. ストロボナイツ(RAM RIDER remix)
  10. our music(kz’s The Beginning of The End remix)
  11. D.E.N.P.A.(クラブイベントタイトルソング)
  12. Heart Beat
  13. carol(original by kisk baker)
  14. サイハテ(original by 小林オニキス)

Priscilla Ahn// A Good Day

  1. Dream
  2. Wallflower
  3. I Don’t Think So
  4. Masters In China
  5. Leave the Lights On
  6. Red Cape
  7. Astronaut
  8. Lullaby
  9. Find My Way Back Home
  10. Opportunity To Cry
  11. A Good Day (Morning Song)