25 Facts About Me

March 5, 2009  Tagged ,
  1. Born between the end of winter and the beginning of spring
  2. I don’t really know what to do with my life yet :(
  3. OTAKU a girl who enjoys watching anime and reading manga
  4. Proven to be the blood type O in a family of B
  5. ♥ pastel colors and black & white
  6. I feel bad when I don’t take my camera on trips
  8. My tastes change all the time
  9. Allergic to an unknown substance (often found in korean melons) that varies by time
  10. ♥ vector graphic designs & photography
  11. 95% available on MSN 5% available on phone
  12. i love taking pictures of pretty/cute/small things
  13. i can sleep whenever, where ever, and as long as i desire
  14. i believe that music is indeed the best thing in the world
  15. homework is literally impossible for me during 3-6
  16. my favorite part of the meal is dessert
  17. i can never make up my mind
  18. the thing i desire the most right now is probably photoshop
  19. yes, the spelling ‘eungi’ was suppose to be ‘eunji’
  20. i am more than satisfied with my life
  21. nature and animals (maybe not bugs)
  22. if the amount of anime/manga i watched/read were the amount of books, i would probably have graduated college by now
  23. i have tried to reduce my intake of caffeine and i don’t drink hot coffee
  24. my favorite fruit is lemon
  25. my motto is: “something will happen. time really stops for nobody.”

Sweet Sixteen

February 26, 2009  Tagged ,

The hands clap together
announcing time has come.
Yesterday has ended,
But today just begins.

Another step forward, maybe two more
Though hesitant at first, she goes to explore.
Marching on forward, a glee on her face
Passing the 15, continues her pace.

“It is your happy day!” one of them say.
“A bit ahead now, aren’t you for today?”
Letters write stories of her past 15.
They bless her good luck, and glues their pink seals.

The hands clap together
announcing the day’s end.
There’s no turning back now,
But smile, there’s much ahead.