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After dwelling further into the art of photography, I decided that I should plunge my hands into photoshop.
Photos with unique light/color always caught my attention while surfing through Deviantart and I have always wondered how people got such pretty tones.

Though more practice is inevitable, I decided to photoshop some pictures of cookies I took a long time ago but never posted up.

I have finished my Christmas projects and will be posting pictures as soon as I touch them up. :)

Before & After
(my eyes…oh the brightness…)


Berry Tart & Blueberry Muffins

Mother&Father’s Day in S. Korea was on May 8th
(but like usual, I procrastinated and didn’t blog about it).

After visiting about three bakeries, I made a mad dash along with the ajummas to buy the berry tart pie looking thingamajiggy (sorry, can’t remember the name :().

I have to say, I should have taken more money and bought that strawberry mousse pie (or something).
The berry pie was beautiful visual wise though tasted extremely sour (to me).
But it also was a new twist to the usual cheesecakes and whipping cream.

PS: The lighting’s horrible. My oh-so professional photo taking skills have failed me this time.

Berry Pie - 1

Gloss to the max.

Berry Pie - 2

Look at the piece of art box that the bakery puts their cakes in!
If I had the skills to create those kinds of boxes…

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Vanilla Cake (muffin-ized)

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Yet once again, my supply of brownies ran out.
School is just 15 hours and 54 53 38 minutes away and there’s nothing for me to eat.
It’s painstaking to watch those boxes of Betty Crocker mixes disappear one by one, leaving only half a pack of blueberry muffin mix behind. :’(

Though against my wishes, my mother decided to bake the entire cake mix in one go.
Even when it seemed clear that the muffin bowls were about to overflow, she somehow managed to squeeze the entire batter into about 12 muffins.

But do you know what’s the worst part? THERE IS NO FROSTING IN MY HOUSE ANYMORE.

As a result, after splattering it all over the kitchen and getting verbally chastised by my dear mother, whipping cream was made after purchasing a carton of…whipping cream. (I personally don’t know the difference between fresh cream(?) and whipping cream and this sentence was phrased extremely badly)


(post-baking process)


(pre-eating process)


(after being massaccred by whipping cream)

So the story is, my mom bought strawberries which cost about $10 from the super market and unfortunately, these were probably the first and most blandest tasting strawberries I have ever eaten.
Unable to continue consuming, I decided to use them for decorating purposes and bought whipping cream. Excluding the fact that they keep damping my food, the two tasted great along with the lonely vanilla muffin.

Don’t judge books by their cover :)
Or maybe it’s because I eat just about any desserts.

PS: Chocolate things created by shaving a hershey kisses using a simple bread knife.
Now I understand why it’s important to have the best fruits and best instruments in bakeries.
Picture lighting was horrible. I shall one day get my hands on photoshop.

Fudge Brownies

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When my mom visited my sister in United States last winter, she brought home about six packages of Betty Crocker mixes (the really cheap $1 packs and some cake mixes).

Great for breakfast in my opinion :D
although most people would consider eating cakes heavy for the morning.

My previous supply of chocolate cupcakes ran out and so my mom and I resorted to the fudge brownie mix. It is a bit upsetting seeing how the cake mixes are disappearing so fast but one cannot help but be powerless under the influence of desserts.

baking in process

my dearies (sp?) baking in process ♥

within the cupcake sheet

w/o the cupcake sheet

with and w/o the cupcake sheet



a bite (wow reference to Dracula)

When I first took that bite, it was AMAZING. The top crust was crisp but right below it was this fudge layer that was extremely chewy like the macaroons they sell in the bakeries. The rest of it was plain chocolate cake but it was still extremely delicious :). These brownies are definitely on my top list of Betty Crocker favorites and I will be sure to buy them the next time I go to United States.

PS. The reason why brownies are in cupcake sheets is because my mom doesn’t have the deep tray to bake brownies in (except for a circular one we use to bake cake) and also it’s easier to handle since you only have to take out one at a time every morning :)

Butter Finger

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Yes, my obsession with food photos continues.
Good thing I brought the receit with me so I can have a much more accurate account of exactly what I ate.

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Delectable Delights

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“Photography is a medium to capture memories, when memory grows into sublime, photography becomes art.”
- Kamir

A blog is not always about writing down an entire agenda of a person.
A blog is not always about words, sentences, paragraphs.
A blog is a way to express oneself, to step into the shoes of another, to store memories, and to simply do what you want.

One of my hobbies is to take photos with my simple yet handy-dandy Canon PowerShot A400 Camera.
However, I don’t take pictures of people. Rather, I prefer to set my zoom up and focus on a flower.
But my greatest passion would be taking pictures of food.

(weird? maybe. but hey! everybody loves food!)

I look back at my photos and reminisce the past. And I wish to share my lovely cakes past with others.
Maybe once in a while, we should all just take a rest.

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