Big Mouths

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The period of senior essays have finally arrived–along with a multitude of different advices.
They say your essay is the chance for you to outshine others. Not just GPAs, not SAT or TOEFL scores, but your inner self.
Yet the cliche thing is, most outstanding and emotional essays that leave the college admission people sobbing are those, to be simply put, with amazing plots.

In order to be brilliant, one must find something new in their usual environment.
But most teens can rarely accomplish such a feat.
If I could write a tear-jerking story about my pencil, then I’d be done with HS English.

Then I thought to myself. What makes me special?
And the answer I came up with? Uh…

I’m grateful to not have lost a close family member yet.
I have not broken any limbs (though injured my fingers couple of times).
I have not experienced some miraculous event that changed the course of my life (optimism just came one day).

Then I realized that I forgot the most basic one.
The fact that I’m international (if that’s even the right word to use).

I’m Korean.
But I speak better English than my 2nd grade level Korean.
I’ll probably score better on my SAT Japanese than my SAT Korean in addition.

Most international students did not chose to go to a different country and learn their language.
In most cases, it’s because of jobs, educations, and parent’s beliefs.
I prefer to chat in English more than Korean. And I have no problems whatsoever.

But my friends and other students probably experienced a time when they were criticized for speaking in their preferred language.
In the streets, in cafes, in lines of amusement parks, people have stared and whispered and probably even said some bad things about us.
At first, many of us were extremely apprehensive.
We were cautious of the people around us and immediately switched to speaking in the native language.
The whole problem lies with cultures clashing and us, students, being stuck in the middle.
Truth be told, we get criticized for something we didn’t have a choice in.

But as years passed and our patience reached the limit, we simply decided that enough was enough.
Some have tried to word-battle against drunk people.
Most chose to stay quiet and simply ignore.

We would talk about how if we were complete foreigners, people would stare but keep their mouths silent.
But because of our appearances, we ended up suffering.

In the beginning, we were really irritated.
But now, we joke around and tell each other subway stories.
In fact, before we leave to college, we might even pretend to be a native of some other country.

Yes, our big mouths are to be blamed.
But as teenagers with lots to say, let us be heard.

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